Rights and Dignity Project




¿What is Rights and Dignity Project?

The Rights & Dignity Project is an initiative that is being co-executed by Counterpart International, Due Process of Law Foundation (DPLF), and Partners El Salvador, the Project is funded by the United States International Development Agency (USAID).

Partners El Salvador is in charge of the Project´s Dialogue Team, which implements a participatory methodology to facilitate the creation of consensus building and accompany the participants in the creation of agreements, for the purpose of promoting the fulfillment of human rights, for this we promote a strategy of dialogue in three levels:

Dialogue Strategy in three levels:
Phase 1:
Sectoral Dialogues
Dialogues with vulnerable groups: Identification of needs, construction of agendas, and priorities.
Phase 2:
Multi – actor Dialogues

Dialogues between vulnerable groups and other relevant stakeholders related to these populations (governmental entities, private sector, and other state institutions.)

Phase 3:
Social Dialogue
Opening of debates and public dialogues to raise the identified priorities of each sector to a social level.
Prevent discrimination and exclusion of vulnerable groups (LGBTI, people with disabilities, women, and youth), as well as to improve their access to services, through the promotions of democratic spaces on priority human rights issues.
Recent Projects
The construction of the Collaborative Roadmap has been planned and builted in a participatory manner based on dialogue with vulnerable population groups, which will result in an agenda of priorities that the Project intends to support in its implementation through grants. In this process, we expect the participation of civil society organizations, state, and government institutions that have competencies oriented to the promotion and monitor the respect for the human rights of the prioritized groups. In order to contribute to the construction of the Roadmap, a Platform is being developed that is integrated by governmental and non-governmental actors at the national level that allows the legitimacy and support the construction and implementation of a Collaborative Roadmap from and for the different populations. Based on the information collected at the dialogues progress at the national level, Partenrs El Salvador will convene community dialogue spaces in the 16 municipalities. The activities to be developed in the municipalities will include to bring together participants and provide guidance and training on dialogue and consensus building, as well as the creation of small community collaboration plans. Partners El Salvador will also promote a national campaign against discrimination, which will bring together key segments of the private sector, media, and governmental institutions to collaborative design a plan for the campaign.
Capítulos Municipales
Hoja de Ruta Colaborativa de Inclusión y Derechos Humanos
Descarga los Capítulos Municipales – Hoja de Ruta Colaborativa de Inclusión y Derechos Humanos
Infografía avances Hoja de Ruta Colaborativa 2019

A un poco más de un año del lanzamiento de la Hoja de Ruta Colaborativa de Inclusión y Derechos Humanos, las organizaciones que formamos parte del Proyecto Derechos y Dignidad hicimos un ejercicio para dar seguimiento a las prioridades de derechos humanos definidas como prioritarias por liderazgos de los grupos de población con los que trabajamos (mujeres, jóvenes, personas con discapacidad y personas LGTBI).