Collaborative Roadmap of Inclusion and Human Rights 2018
Women, LGTBI, People with disabilities, Youth
Rights & Dignity Project

The Rights & Dignity Project seeks, through its different components, to improve the situation of the human rights of people who have remained in historical conditions of rights violationes and lack of protection. Specifically, it has been a priority to focus efforts to underpin the visibility of needs and  improvement of the situation of the rights of women and young people affected in a particular way by the insecurity context in the country, LGBTI collectives, and people with disabilities (PwD).

The Collaborative Roadmap of Inclusion and Human Rights is the product of a series of dialogue sessions and bilateral interviews, developed with the participation of 74 leaders and experts from 48 civil society organizations (10 women organizations, 12 LGBTI organizations, 12 PwD organizations, and 14 Youth organizations) throughout at least six months of work.


The design and implementation of the dialogue strategy of the Rights & Dignity Project is a responsibility of Partners El Salvador, an implementing partner who has many years of experience  working in the promotion of dialogue and processes for the construction of collaborative agreements between different groups. On this occasion, the dialogue is a strategy to improve the possibilities of a transformation of human rights systems in El Salvador.

The dialogue process of the Rights & Dignity Project, includes the construction of the Collaborative Roadmap, the strategy can be summarized in the following steps:

Thematic Points of Action:

Next, the Thematic Points of Action agreed upon and prioritized by a group of representatives of civil society working for the rights of women, LGBTI, Persons with Disabilities, and Youth are presented.

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Collaborative Roadmap of Inclusion and Human Rights 2018